SupermarketS VS CustomerS SpecificationS

As a consumer, what are the most important factors that make you choose a banana?

Its nutritional quality, its flavor, its price, …?

We will find out if supermarkets specifications match with our customers goals

Do supermarkets know what really drives us to purchase one banana or another?

When we go to the supermarket, we may believe that we look at fruits with different eyes from retailers. But supermarkets measure and analyze what we consumers like most. And, consequently, they pick bananas according to their clients’ tastes. But do you really agree with what supermarkets think are the most important qualities of a banana to be sold?

In BananitaBlog we don’t want to leave you without an answer, hence we went to have a look at the shelves of the most popular supermarkets. After a few trips, we could conclude the following:

Bananas in the supermarket

But… do you agree with those criteria? Do you think they are the right ones to attract consumers? 

The above factors seem essential for inviting us to choose our bananas. Then, should we change our priorities and choose bananas not only for their price and external appearance?  Should we find bananas of all shapes and sizes on the supermarket shelves? And could supermarkets relax their cosmetic product specifications?.

In conclusion, for retailers their customers are the most important part of their business. Their main purpose is to satisfy us. Therefore, if we change our consumption habits, they will adapt their products to them. So, from now on … why don’t we just pick all shapes of fruit, even the less beautiful ones? A banana that looks a little peculiar is still perfectly suitable for eating (find out more about “ugly fruits” here: Globalcitizen).

Boost diversity also in the world of fruits and vegetables!