InitiativeS AgainsT Covid19 EffectS

The whole world, without exception, is going through a most difficult period. Times in which all countries are deploying measures to mitigate the social and economic consequences of this pandemic. 

COVID19 is colour blind and respects no borders. However, developing countries are suffering intensifying harm. In these regions, the level of inequality is much bigger than in the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, this crisis definitely has a greater impact on the more vulnerable populations. Particularly the lower income sectors and the poor. Very few, if any, are the resources they have to fight the pandemic. So, what was true and necessary before this pandemic, it is even more true and necessary now.

The initiatives to alleviate hunger in vulnerable communities must continue or be implemented. 

Just as health services, security forces, cleaners, truck drivers, suppliers, and many other essential workers continue working on the frontlines, private and public institutions can also make an extra effort to contribute to relieving the negative consequences of this pandemic.

We must always make room for initiatives that generate hope and responses to people’s problems. And at Banabio we want to play a role in this society-wide effort and help the people most in need.

With the lockdown suspending some types of work for weeks, it is essential to ensure that food reaches those that are hardest hit by the crisis. It is known that the impacts of an organization go beyond the economic ones and Banabio still continues to push social initiatives.

San Judas Tadeo’s social kitchen soup

Thanks to our continuing business during the Covid pandemia, our support to San Judas Foundation has not stopped. All efforts are centered on their social kitchen soup. We collaborate with them distributing 200 meals to children of at-risk populations. And our support has currently increased, distributing also daily food packages to children.

Children kitchen soup

Bags of food and bananas for vulnerable communities

Our group is also donating bags of food and bananas to alleviate hunger in vulnerable communities, such as Palmales, Machala, Balao and Zaruma. The latter two are also the homeland of some of Banabio’s staff.

Delivery of food in Balao

Information leaflets 

Furthermore, it is also crucial to boost local health and relief systems, since hospitals are struggling because of insufficient capacity. In that sense, our contribution, although a small one, consists in distributing information leaflets about how to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Delivery of COVID19 Leaflets
Leaflets of Covid19 information
Delivery of Covid19 information

Many thanks to all who are contributing to make all these kinds of projects possible!