Hello World! Here it is our first blog: BananitaBlog!

Would you like to join us and find out more about bananas?

In Banabio we definitely believe that you would like. For this reason we are very excited about finding a social ongoing process of learning together.

Up to now books have been our main source of inspiration and information. Like many of you while reading, we have learnt a lot of things about bananas. Particularly in the Latin American literature, from which you can find a couple of phrases quoted in our website that belong to two exceptional writers: García Márquez and Eduardo Galeano.

Therefore as the first step towards the target of learning together, we have decided to open our own window to the outside world: the BananitaBlog. Here you will be able to discover what we do. We will write about different issues concerning bananas like: trade, growing-techniques, implemented improvements, … . And there will also be room for less serious topics like cooking recipes ;-).

Our blog about bananas

We are also eager to familiarize with your different points of view. As our stakeholders your expectations define our business approach.

That´s another reason why we have created the blog: not only to use it as a platform to spread information, but also as a means of contact with you. We want to learn and improve from your contributions as readers.

Surely you have had the great feeling of working all together in the same team. We have had it. Hence, we want to grow with all of you to get the best results. For us this means to work next to you: growers, customers, local communities, … . We want to pull the cord simultaneously in the field of bananas.

Absolutely we encourage everyone to take advantage of our blog, to visit it whenever your curiosity to learn something new about bananas arises.

Thanks for reading! And remember to stop by and visit our BananitaBlog!

We wish you a happy 2018 and we hope to see you very soon again.