FruiT … & BananaS! HealtH BenefitS by Dr Viteri

Let’s include fruit in our diet. Why?  Is this the best way to get vitamins and minerals?.

And bananas, what are their specific benefits? Below a specialist in the field will solve our doubts

Health, how important it has become in 2020! More than ever, we will bid farewell to the year wishing for a strong health in 2021. And we know that food plays an essential role in this. Moreover, a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables can boost our health even more. 

Given that we are in BananitaBlog, why not mention the properties of bananas? But let’s not listen to myself, but to an expert voice. So, this Black Friday we have decided to invite all of you to a chat with a medical expert in nutrition, Dr María José Viteri.

Dr María José Viteri
Dr María José ViteriPhysician Nutrition Specialist
Dr Viteri addresses nutrition as a major tool to prevent the onset of chronic diseases. She considers that a good food base is the primary foundation for preserving health. So, who better to consult than this physician, an enthusiast of nutrition and metabolism, about the properties of fruits and, particularly, of bananas.

Dear Doctor, our first question could be no other than the relation between fruit and vitamins. Her answer is clear and concise: “Fruit is a source of vitamins. And it is a very varied source, which makes fruits play an even more important role in our diet”. And, Doctor, how important are vitamins in our diet? “They are extremely important. These micronutrients help in many cellular functions: secreting hormones, using energy, enhancing the digestive metabolism, reducing inflammation in organs, improving the quality of skin, nails, hair, vision, etc.”. Amazing benefits of fruit to our body through its vitamins.

Bananas can keep you in a good mood

And what about minerals, can we also find them in fruit? “Of course, fruits provide us mainly with iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus”. Once again, we see the numerous benefits of fruit. But we cannot fail to ask you specifically about bananas, what vitamins and minerals do they provide? “Bananas are well known for their content in potassium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium and, especially, vitamins C and B, in particular folic acid”. So, which organs would bananas benefit specifically? “All! But it is worth highlighting the digestive tract (for being a good source of fiber), the heart and any other muscular tissue (for their content in magnesium and potassium). Also noteworthy are the benefits to blood circulation, avoiding anemias”. A wonderfruit! We may even go so far as to think that bananas help to improve the mood, can they? “Certainly, they are a source of tryptophan. This amino acid is the precursor of serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter of good mood”. This might explain the good character of people in tropical latitudes. Next would be that bananas help us to stay younger, “Well, their content in minerals and vitamins can help through their cell protective function, apart from their rich antioxidant content”.

Bananas potassium: essential for a proper muscle contraction

In view of the above, we understand the popularity of bananas among athletes. “That’s right. Bananas contain potassium, which is essential for a proper muscle contraction”. And Doctor, what is the most appropriate time for consuming bananas? “It is totally indifferent. We can have them at breakfast, as midday snacks or after meals”. And how many pieces of fruit should we eat per day? “1 or 2 pieces a day are enough”. Sounds achievable.

Daily fruit intake: We are not at the A-plus level yet

Thank you very much, Doctor Viteri, for sharing your time with us. If we had to evaluate you, you would certainly get a 10, but … what about us, people in general, would you approve of our daily fruit intake? Do we meet the recommendations? “We are not at the A-plus level yet. In my opinion, people generally have difficulty in maintaining a diet rich in fruits. A way to increase consumption might be to eat fruit with varied elaborations. This could make consumption more attractive and help people persevere with healthy diets”. We make a good note of all the knowledge received and maybe next time we can reach the 10 ;-).