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When you see these stickers on your favourite bananas …

Ecofresh bananas

Banana sticker intro

Ecofresh bananas

Our Location 🙂

We come from different farms spread across the southwest of Ecuador.

Locate them in the map

Size of our farms 🙂

The landholding size ranges from 1 to 50 ha

The farms are owned and worked by local family farmers

Have a look at them below  ↓ 

Number of farmers 🙂

How many people are taking care of our crops? No less than …

22 farmers in each plantation

🙂 Below you can see the farmers in action:

You can find out more videos at our BananitaBlog to spend One day in our packing process

Social projects 🙂

Different CSR Projects are linked to each farm

Some of these projects are:

  • Promoting healthy habits at school

    In our farm each day some boxes of bananas are ripened to be supplied at rural schools
    Our goal: to promote good fruit and vegetable eating habits
  • Empowering small growers

    Supporting associations that represents the small growers like ABANSUR
    Our goal: to provide the weakest of the most important tools
  • Economic support

    Through in advance payments to the growers, providing a community warehouse, furnishing phytosanitaries, …
    Our goal: opportunities for stakeholder involvement

Grower’s Certifications 🙂

They frameworks to help the growers to achieve POSITIVE: Environmental, Social & Economic impacts

Fair trade logo

Fair Trade
It works to empower the weakest and most vulnerable farmers to reach easily the markets.

The FT certification safeguards positive economic and social impacts on the more fragile areas.

Global Gap Logo

Global GAP
It´s an internationally recognized set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

GAP regarding product safety, environmental impact and the health, safety and welfare of workers and animals.

Organic logo


It ensures that a farm produces bananas in accordance with international organic standards.

Its main benefit: bananas are harvested only by using natural substances and procedures.

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