Ecuador: partner country at Berlin Fruit Logistica 2020!

February arrives and

Fruit Logistica Berlin 2020 comes up!

As in every year around this date, we are eager to discover new opportunities to narrow the gap between growers and market.

But this year is even more special.

Our land of origin Ecuador is the partner country of


In this respect different institutions and agencies from Ecuador (among other the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) and the Ecuadorian Corporation of Exports Promotion and Investments (CORPEI)) have been working to present the Ecuadorian great diversity of fresh fruit and vegetables to the world. Because we are proud of being able to grow horticultural products characterized by their social and environmental commitment. As a leading exporting country, we must achieve the growing high quality standards. These are required by our international buyers. The latter, as well as the opinions of the civil society have led to a bigger consciousness of our agricultural industry. An example of this is the banana sector, where the trade and environmental regulations are fostering its more sustainable development.

Land of EcuadorIn this regard our farmers are deploying efforts to achieve during each day´s production the most sustainable farming methods.  Furthermore, the empowerment of the most vulnerable stakeholders in the whole supply chain stands as our main commitment to be achieved in the field . Some of what we can see in our BananitaBlog is a reflection of this: a few projects that show that it is feasible to do business in a different and ethical way. Discover them ➡️ here.

So, it´s an excellent opportunity for Ecuador to be the partner country of BERLIN FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020 and to have the chance to foster our agricultural sector.

Let’s hope we´re up to it and being capable of transmitting the excellence of the Ecuadorian bananas 🙂 . 

Surely the great diversity of Ecuador has awaken your curiosity. If you want to go further beyond don´t miss these websites:

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