Together creating a working culture where everyone has an opportunity

Banabio value chain

Building strong communities

Price stability and equity along the supply chain

Yearly contracts. Fair prices

All-year employment

Sustainable agricultural development

Always moving forward to minimize negative environmental side effects

Environmental-friendly strategy

Harvesting bananas involving responsible field practices

Commitment to transparency

Good practices to empower all the stakeholders


Adding value to the whole supply chain

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Projects achieved along 2018

Supplying bio fertilizer

Producing, testing & supplying of biofertilizers

Painting school

Painting of the public school Manuel Isaac Encalada located in Parroquia Buenavista

Improvement of packer facilities through economic & technical support

Providing materials

Periodic delivery of equipment & products for crops

Triple Bottom Line Approach

Facilitated through the achievement of fairness along the whole value chain.

Transparency plays a key role managing CSR aspects: