A tiny part of logistics behind bananas

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A tiny part of LogisticS behind BananaS The world of logistics is a factor to which bananas are inevitably connected. In fact the quality of most foods available on the market depends also on the quality of transport. Last year we put the Suez channel precisely on the map. The

Bananas and dataloggers

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BananaS uNDEr SurveillancE Bananas and dataloggers are actually closely related. We bananas cannot grow all over the world as yet. As a plant we need tropical climates to grow vibrant and fresh. Thus, we must be transported overseas to be enjoyed at other latitudes.  Thanks to our traveling nature everyone

Coronavirus Overseas

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The Coronavirus OverseaS Have you heard about the coronavirus? By now it must certainly sound more than familiar to you. You have probably read thousands of items related to COVID-19: about where the outbreak took place, which parts of the world are most affected, even what precautions to take to

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