Caution against a second wave of coronavirus

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CautioN AgainsT a SeconD WavE of the CoronaviruS Suppose you step onto an alien planet. Here your new neighbours behave very differently from those in your ancient planet Earth. They continuously and thoroughly clean their hands with water and soap, they avoid going to crowded places, and they cover their

Coronavirus Overseas

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The Coronavirus OverseaS Have you heard about the coronavirus? By now it must certainly sound more than familiar to you. You have probably read thousands of items related to COVID-19: about where the outbreak took place, which parts of the world are most affected, even what precautions to take to

Ecuador: partner country at Berlin Fruit Logistica 2020!

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Ecuador: partner country at Berlin Fruit Logistica 2020! February arrives and Fruit Logistica Berlin 2020 comes up! As in every year around this date, we are eager to discover new opportunities to narrow the gap between growers and market. But this year is even more special. Our land of origin