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Second part of the CLOSING CEREMONY for the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES We promised you to be back with the second part of the Fruits & Vegetables closing ceremony. A second half enriched by the testimonies of people who play a relevant role in enhancing the value chain

Fruits and vegetables closing ceremony

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CLOSING CEREMONY for the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES  2021 was chosen to celebrate the International Year of fruits and Vegetables #IYFV2021 And it was a couple of months ago that its closing ceremony took place  During this event we had the opportunity to listen to some of the

Bananas enjoy Swift codE

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BananaS enjoy Swift codE Did you know that bananas and the Swift code have a closely relationship? You can discover below why bananas do enjoy Swift Unfortunately new words have expanded our vocabulary because of the war. How we wish it were not for this circumstance.  It would be great

Papers and bananas have anything in common?

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BananA PaperS Do you think paper and bananas have anything in common? They definitely have!  And we must stress kraft paper in particular. since bananas are transported in cardboard boxes made with it.  And here is the thing. When setting the price of bananas, paper costs are an important factor.

Supermarkets customers specifications

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SupermarketS VS CustomerS SpecificationS As a consumer, what are the most important factors that make you choose a banana? Its nutritional quality, its flavor, its price, …? We will find out if supermarkets specifications match with our customers goals Do supermarkets know what really drives us to purchase one

Scientific name of bananas musa paradisiaca

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How are BananaS known in the BotanicaL World? Do you know the scientific name of bananas? These yellow smiley fruits are called worldwide in many different ways. Some of us know them as banano, others, like bananas, plantains, plátanos, …. But formally our bananas have a name and a

Bananas the climacteric ones and the ripening process

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BananaS, the ClimacteriC OneS Citrus fruits, tropical fruits, drupes, berries, winter fruit, summer fruit, ... We all know different types of fruit that we can frame in each of the four seasons of the year. But what about climacteric fruits? What are they? Do you know them? The term “climacteric''

ACORBANEC and banana Exporters

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ACORBANEC BoostS BanAnaS In an association like ACORBANEC all exporters become stronger stakeholders in the supply chain.  “Unity creates strength”. How many times have we thought of this popular saying? We have heard it often in everyday conversations while at work, at school, or at home. And today we want

Virtual Madrid Fruit Attraction

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Catch up on Virtual MeetingS October is coming! Any other year, we’d be happy to visit Madrid and attend the Fruit Attraction Fair.  But things are different in 2020. However, we are not sad. Why? Because despite everything that has happened, we might be able to take part in Madrid

Reusable or Single-use masks

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PandemiC vs PlastiC The world pandemic is drawing a new landscape. A new scenario where face masks have become star players of our daily routine. Sometimes because countries have made them compulsory in public, and sometimes because we voluntary choose to use them. But these new protagonists are also

#Plasticfree bananas

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#Plasticfree bananas A simple initiative to buy more eco-friendly bananas Periodically thousands and thousands of young students remind us of the urgent need to step up efforts to protect our environment. Their movement is called Fridays for Future and is indeed a wake-up call for politicians across the World ("During

Hello world

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Hello World! Here it is our first blog: BananitaBlog! Would you like to join us and find out more about bananas? In Banabio we definitely believe that you would like. For this reason we are very excited about finding a social ongoing process of learning together.

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