A tiny part of logistics behind bananas

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A tiny part of LogisticS behind BananaS The world of logistics is a factor to which bananas are inevitably connected. In fact the quality of most foods available on the market depends also on the quality of transport. Last year we put the Suez channel precisely on the map. The

Bananas enjoy Swift codE

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BananaS enjoy Swift codE Did you know that bananas and the Swift code have a closely relationship? You can discover below why bananas do enjoy Swift Unfortunately new words have expanded our vocabulary because of the war. How we wish it were not for this circumstance.  It would be great

Papers and bananas have anything in common?

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BananA PaperS Do you think paper and bananas have anything in common? They definitely have!  And we must stress kraft paper in particular. since bananas are transported in cardboard boxes made with it.  And here is the thing. When setting the price of bananas, paper costs are an important factor.

Farm to fork strategy goes bananas

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"Farm to forK" goes BananaS Last week we had the opportunity to attend a webinar organized by the Ecuadorian Banana Cluster. This webinar took place on #World Banana Day and addressed a theme that will define the future of the banana sector: "Farm to Fork”  strategy developed by the European

Bananas and dataloggers

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BananaS uNDEr SurveillancE Bananas and dataloggers are actually closely related. We bananas cannot grow all over the world as yet. As a plant we need tropical climates to grow vibrant and fresh. Thus, we must be transported overseas to be enjoyed at other latitudes.  Thanks to our traveling nature everyone

Volcanic ash effects on banana crops

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BananaS and VolcAnoeS The eruption of a volcano can reach the crops of bananas and leave them under a carpet of ash. Ecuadorian bananas live in a country with one of the world's largest variety of landscapes. Among them, those of a volcanic nature stand out. Plus, the greatest exponent

ACORBANEC and banana Exporters

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ACORBANEC BoostS BanAnaS In an association like ACORBANEC all exporters become stronger stakeholders in the supply chain.  “Unity creates strength”. How many times have we thought of this popular saying? We have heard it often in everyday conversations while at work, at school, or at home. And today we want

Coronavirus Overseas

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The Coronavirus OverseaS Have you heard about the coronavirus? By now it must certainly sound more than familiar to you. You have probably read thousands of items related to COVID-19: about where the outbreak took place, which parts of the world are most affected, even what precautions to take to

Find out the Places where bananas grow

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Where arE BananaS Coming froM & Going tO? Bananas are grown in tropical areas. But… are there places where this fruit grows year-round? You may have read one of our first publications in the BananitaBlog. If this is so, then you already know the optimum climatic conditions to grow bananas

Find Out About Global GAP Bananas

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FinD Out About GlobaL G.A.P. BananaS Let´s us find out what a Global G.A.P. certified banana means. A worldwide leading certification for a sustainable crop production. You probably visit the supermarket once, twice or even more times per week. There you carefully select products to put in your shopping basket.

Travel documents for bananas required

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Travel documents for bananas (our "Passport") Guess how many documents travel with bananas As globetrotter fruits, we bananas need travel documents, a “passport”, to complete our long journey from the farms to the overseas supermarkets Could you imagine travelling around the world without identification documents? Neither could we. Let’s discover

Bananas on the runway to take off: the packinghouse

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Bananas on the runway to take off: Departure: Ecuador Packing House Arrival: Global Markets In today’s post I am bringing to you the stage at which our trip as bananas gets underway: the packing house. In the following video you can see where our trip as globetrotter bananas begins: https://youtu.be/SgeXuKpOU7M So, where

An international standard for bananas

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What about an international standard for bananas? The international standard to make bananas safer and more attractive. All began to change after the World War II Hello all and welcome one more time to our BananitaBlog. As you have been able to note in our heading above, I have chosen

We attend the Fruit Logistica Berlin

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Why to Attend the Fruit Logistica Berlin? A few weeks ago a small team from Banabio attended the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. There we could gain, once again, an excellent overview of the fresh market. Maybe; after the arrival of the Internet, we all imagined that these kinds of events

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