Bananas mean low carbon footprint

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BananaS mean LoW CarboN FootprinT Worried about consuming bananas from overseas? Do you believe they have a high carbon footprint? We know that it seems more eco-friendly to eat local food, but … is this really true? Is there a scientific basis for asserting this? But what’s more amazing than


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Second part of the CLOSING CEREMONY for the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES We promised you to be back with the second part of the Fruits & Vegetables closing ceremony. A second half enriched by the testimonies of people who play a relevant role in enhancing the value chain

Fruits and vegetables closing ceremony

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CLOSING CEREMONY for the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES  2021 was chosen to celebrate the International Year of fruits and Vegetables #IYFV2021 And it was a couple of months ago that its closing ceremony took place  During this event we had the opportunity to listen to some of the

Rainforest Bananas and sustainable farming methods

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Bananas & GreeN FrogS = RainforesT SustainablE FarminG MethodS Have you ever seen a green frog on your bananas? It may sound strange, but it is definitely not impossible.  Most of us only get to see bananas at supermarkets. But obviously they do not grow in grocery stores. In fact,

Bananas the climacteric ones and the ripening process

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BananaS, the ClimacteriC OneS Citrus fruits, tropical fruits, drupes, berries, winter fruit, summer fruit, ... We all know different types of fruit that we can frame in each of the four seasons of the year. But what about climacteric fruits? What are they? Do you know them? The term “climacteric''

Farm to fork strategy goes bananas

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"Farm to forK" goes BananaS Last week we had the opportunity to attend a webinar organized by the Ecuadorian Banana Cluster. This webinar took place on #World Banana Day and addressed a theme that will define the future of the banana sector: "Farm to Fork”  strategy developed by the European

Volcanic ash effects on banana crops

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BananaS and VolcAnoeS The eruption of a volcano can reach the crops of bananas and leave them under a carpet of ash. Ecuadorian bananas live in a country with one of the world's largest variety of landscapes. Among them, those of a volcanic nature stand out. Plus, the greatest exponent

International year of fruits and vegetables

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2021! ThE InternationaL YeaR of Fruits & VegetableS Did you know that 2021 is the international year of fruits and vegetables? But that’s not all. Find out more about this brand new year below. One might imagine that 2021 could have been the international year of vaccines. Since the beginning

Reusable or Single-use masks

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PandemiC vs PlastiC The world pandemic is drawing a new landscape. A new scenario where face masks have become star players of our daily routine. Sometimes because countries have made them compulsory in public, and sometimes because we voluntary choose to use them. But these new protagonists are also

New Year resolution Bananas and climate change

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BananitA New Year´s ResolutioN We talk and talk about climate change but most of the times none of us has previously consulted any scientific data. So, our last question of the year is whether it would be better or not to become more curious about scientific media. Because just as

Find Out About Global GAP Bananas

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FinD Out About GlobaL G.A.P. BananaS Let´s us find out what a Global G.A.P. certified banana means. A worldwide leading certification for a sustainable crop production. You probably visit the supermarket once, twice or even more times per week. There you carefully select products to put in your shopping basket.

Fairtrade bananas

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To buy or not to buy Fairtrade bananas, that is the question What’s more ethical than only buying Fairtrade certified Bananas? Maybe learning where they come from As consumers of ethically sourced products, it can make a small difference if we are also aware of what is behind a Fairtrade

#Plasticfree bananas

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#Plasticfree bananas A simple initiative to buy more eco-friendly bananas Periodically thousands and thousands of young students remind us of the urgent need to step up efforts to protect our environment. Their movement is called Fridays for Future and is indeed a wake-up call for politicians across the World ("During

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