Bananas mean low carbon footprint

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BananaS mean LoW CarboN FootprinT Worried about consuming bananas from overseas? Do you believe they have a high carbon footprint? We know that it seems more eco-friendly to eat local food, but … is this really true? Is there a scientific basis for asserting this? But what’s more amazing than

More transparent supply chains

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New approach for more transparent supply chains? Some of the biggest supermarkets in Germany have developed a working group “to take a proactive role” in the scope of the Agenda 2030. Their goal is to contribute to a more sustainable and transparent supply chain. This major supermarket group is made

Rainforest Bananas and sustainable farming methods

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Bananas & GreeN FrogS = RainforesT SustainablE FarminG MethodS Have you ever seen a green frog on your bananas? It may sound strange, but it is definitely not impossible.  Most of us only get to see bananas at supermarkets. But obviously they do not grow in grocery stores. In fact,

Farm to fork strategy goes bananas

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"Farm to forK" goes BananaS Last week we had the opportunity to attend a webinar organized by the Ecuadorian Banana Cluster. This webinar took place on #World Banana Day and addressed a theme that will define the future of the banana sector: "Farm to Fork”  strategy developed by the European

International year of fruits and vegetables

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2021! ThE InternationaL YeaR of Fruits & VegetableS Did you know that 2021 is the international year of fruits and vegetables? But that’s not all. Find out more about this brand new year below. One might imagine that 2021 could have been the international year of vaccines. Since the beginning

Initiatives against Covid19 effectS

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InitiativeS AgainsT Covid19 EffectS The whole world, without exception, is going through a most difficult period. Times in which all countries are deploying measures to mitigate the social and economic consequences of this pandemic.  COVID19 is colour blind and respects no borders. However, developing countries are suffering intensifying harm. In

Find Out About Global GAP Bananas

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FinD Out About GlobaL G.A.P. BananaS Let´s us find out what a Global G.A.P. certified banana means. A worldwide leading certification for a sustainable crop production. You probably visit the supermarket once, twice or even more times per week. There you carefully select products to put in your shopping basket.

Fairtrade bananas

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To buy or not to buy Fairtrade bananas, that is the question What’s more ethical than only buying Fairtrade certified Bananas? Maybe learning where they come from As consumers of ethically sourced products, it can make a small difference if we are also aware of what is behind a Fairtrade

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