Easy and cheap banana recipes

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BananA Easy & cheaP RecipeS For the COVID-19 confinement: easy and cheap banana recipes. Because you can enjoy eating bananas not only as a raw fruit Maybe you´re lucky and can spend time at home cooking sophisticated recipes at home. Unfortunately, a lockdown means for most of the population a

Banana cookies recipe for Christmas

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Smart cookieS enjoy BananaS for ChristmaS It’s Christmas time! But how could we truly get into the spirit of this season?  Maybe making decorations or buying presents? Well, these do not appear to be sufficient. But... what about enjoying homemade delicatessen? Surely most of us believe that food is the

Banana flour pizza dough recipe: discover it

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HomemadE BananA FlouR PizzA DougH Do you think that pizza and bananas can be combined into a single tasty salty dish? Our banana pizza will neither be a dessert nor follow the traditional recipe for a dough.  Unfortunately, we have not yet found the formula to combine a traditional Neapolitan

Bananas as the sole ingredient in a cooking recipe

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Bananas as the sole ingredient in a cooking recipe Hands up if you know the answer! How many ingredients do you need to make ice cream? You have probably considered using more than one, two or three ingredients (sugar, milk, cream, …) to create a creamy texture. However, you

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