Bananas are eager to visit Madrid. Why?

Next week in Madrid bananas among others will be the stars for 3 days. Why?

Because Madrid Fruit Attraction is back!

The next 4th, 5th and 6th October will take place Madrid Fruit Attraction. Its 14th edition will bring together numerous actors from the fresh produce sector. A platform where people all over the world can display their latest products and services. 

All stakeholders (growers, importers, manufacturers, …) are gearing up for Fruit Attraction Madrid 2022, which is set to be again as stimulating as before 2020. 

So, save the date and find out more about Madrid Fruit Attraction below.

Some facts about Madrid Fruit Attraction

In total, 13 Madrid Fruit Attraction events have taken place. These have been organized by IFEMA (Consortium Madrid Trade Fair Institution) and FEPEX (Spanish Federation of Associations of Exporting Producers of Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers and Live Plants) since 2009. As a result Madrid Fruit Attraction has become one of the leading international industry meetings. A fair that is particularly attractive for being held during the second half of the year. The perfect timing to fix the targets for the coming year.

Although Madrid Fruit Attraction has been organized for less than 20 years, it has positioned itself as an excellent opportunity to establish long term business relationships, both nationally and internationally. 

Over its 13 years of existence the number of participants has been growing significantly. Some of the following figures show its exceptional evolution:Exhibitors Madrid Fruit Attraction bananas

Visitors Mdrid Fruit Attraction bananas

Countries of origin Madrid Fruit Attraction bananas

Surface Madrid Fruit Attraction bananas

There is a wide range of products and services that we can find at Madrid Fruit Attraction.

We can discover not only a great variety of fruits and vegetables, but also fairtrade products, organic ones, frozen or dried fruits. If you want to learn a little more about technology, you will find the latest innovations for agricultural methods, cooling systems, packaging and labeling machinery. Concerning logistics, the vast majority of transport companies, tracking systems, or warehouse facilities are exhibiting at this trade show. Finally, quality control is another segment presenting its services for food safety management, certification and statistical services.

This is confirmed by the above figures. Madrid Fruit Attraction has massive followings and attendance.

From 2013 to 2019 the number of visitors to the fair has increased by almost 38% as has the number of exhibitors, which has grown to 48%. Consequently, Madrid Fruit Attraction really provides opportunities to engage with current or new customers

So, make sure to follow up with the next Madrid Fruit Attraction edition. See you there #FruitAttraction22! #ProudToBeFA