BananaS enjoy Swift codE

Did you know that bananas and the Swift code have a closely relationship?

You can discover below why bananas do enjoy Swift

Unfortunately new words have expanded our vocabulary because of the war. How we wish it were not for this circumstance.  It would be great that only curiosity will arouse our desire to learn new concepts.

In fact, the new war scenario has discovered to many the term SWIFT code. The reason is that the EU and the USA have partially disconnected Russia from this international code. A term closely related to bananas, since they travel all around the world.

To better understand the importance of this bank code, think about the type of flight you would choose to travel. If you think about the fastest way of reaching your final destination, you would take a direct, non-stop flight. Direct flights are always the easiest way to shorten your trip. That’s the same way SWIFT codes work for money. 

And since bananas are sold overseas, the fastest way for growers to be paid is to use a SWIFT transfer. Hence, the SWIFT method is a crucial tool for the banana market.


So, banana growers and exporters need to ask for their bank SWIFT codes when transferring or receiving money from abroad. And having a look at the large number of countries to which Ecuador exports its bananas, we further realize its relevance:

Ecuador banana exports 2021

BANANA EXPORTS (18.14 kg boxes) by DESTINATION: January to December 2021. Source: Acorbanec

As the above graphic shows, the Ecuadorian banana visits numerous countries so that nationalities across the planet can enjoy its flavor. That is why, in Ecuador, we wish that as well as the banana shape draws a smile, that global circumstances can put a smile on everyone’s faces. We hope that this war in Ukraine, which has overwhelmed us, will come to an end. Let PEACE be the protagonist again 🕊️.