Why is the BananA plant an HerB and not a Tree?

We’ve all learned at school the different parts of a flower: the stem, sepal, petals, pistil and stamen.

And what about bananas? Do you know the different parts of the plant that give rise to this tasty fruit?

If you are curious, keep reading this post.

As you may have already read (in our post Globetrotter bananita) bananas do not grow on trees. Surprisingly they grow on the world’s largest herb. Because what we call banana “trees” are in fact perennial herbs that can grow up to 20 feet tall. They look like trees because they have something similar to a trunk. But this has nothing to do with woody tissues. This is a pseudostem. And what is this? Below you can learn this and more about the different parts of a banana plant.

Banana plant
  1. Root system
  2. Rhizome
  3. Pseudostem
  4. Stem
  5. Leaves
  6. Sucker
  7. Inflorescence
  8. Peduncle
  9. Cluster

You can delve into deeply description of each part of the banana plant below.

From now on, maybe you will call your bananas fingers and ask for a hand of bananas at the supermarket, won’t you? 😉