In an association like ACORBANEC all exporters become stronger stakeholders in the supply chain. 

“Unity creates strength”. How many times have we thought of this popular saying? We have heard it often in everyday conversations while at work, at school, or at home. And today we want to emphasize its meaning at work. 

Markets do not always guarantee equal access to opportunity. So, it is necessary to expand the ability to build the productive capacity of everyone. Therefore, we all need instruments to have better commercial chances with fewer intermediaries.  

Particularly small and medium-sized growers normally lack the means to commercialize their fruit abroad. Exporters help them to bridge the gap between the field and the market, they can strengthen their capacity to reach foreign markets. 

But also exporters face multiple challenges in their business, some of which are shared by all. Trying to solve them on their own discovers inefficiencies in companies like Banabio. So, what needs to be done to transform weakness into strength? …

Be grouped.

Like all old ideas that have endured the passage of time, associating is a good idea. And this is what we have done in Banabio SA, we have been part of ACORBANEC since May 2019. 

But… what is ACORBANEC?

ACORBANEC is the Banana Marketing and Export Association from Ecuador. As an Ecuadorian banana association, ACORBANEC wants to contribute to the strengthening of the sector.  How?

As stated in the ACORBANEC’s mission: through unity. ACORBANEC knows that a strong banana sector allows equal opportunities for all its members. For this purpose, they work for example on adapting the regulations to the reality of the sector. They also invest efforts in strengthening the presence of the banana sector in government, given that the Musaceae industry is one of the most important productive sectors in the Ecuadorian economy. 

Because sharing experiences, information, ideas, and knowledge among equals, brings an added value.

Additionally, it gives us the opportunity of making ourselves known in creative ways. An example is the following video, developed by ACORBANEC, which presents some of the work done by Banabio S.A..

In this telematic trip of less than 3 minutes, you will encounter some of the infrastructure involved in providing delicious bananas worldwide (packing houses, pallet manufacturers, transport logistics, …).

It may not be clear in the video that we, at Banabio, are exporters and growers ourselves. And that we also work with other growers, small and medium-sized growers, whom we help to develop the best and more sustainable banana farms. In a future post, we will introduce our cooperative structure to all of you.

According to Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press: “The motto is first recorded as the motto for the area that would become Dutch Republic in the Gemeene Duytsche Spreekwoorden in 1550, whilst the area was still within the Spanish Empire and under the rule of Charles V. It is derived from the Latin phrase “concordia res parvae crescunt” (small states flourish by concord) in chapter 10 of the Bellum Iugurthinum by the Roman Republican writer Sallust. The new Dutch Republic took over the phrase as its motto and it appeared on several of its coins and coats of arms, usually in the original Latin form, referring to the new state’s initially small territorial size. From the late 16th century onwards the start of the motto was frequently used on Dutch coinage, such as the Leicester-rijksdaalder in 1586”.