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Since 2015 Banabio has been exporting bananas

to a wide range of countries: USA, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and … .

Our philosophy: establishing long-term relationships with our customers to provide the best quality bananas without intermediaries.

Working for best quality

Our Team

Banabio´s team is made up of around 30 professionals with extensive experience in the field of bananas.

People committed to excellent product quality and service.

Jymy Riera
Jymy RieraCEO
As CEO of Banabio I always ask myself: What’s the best way to fulfil our customers needs? It might not be easy, but in Banabio we work all together as a team to kick start the imagination and creativity that lead to the best way.
Our daily mantra: being focused on providing the best bananas.
Telf: 00593991526821
Víctor Hugo
Víctor HugoQuality Control Manager
I’ve been working for international Banana sector for the last 30 years. Lots of good ideas come from my vast experience, something that particularly satisfies our growers and you tasting our fruit 🙂 .
Carlos Párraga
Carlos PárragaDocumentation and Logistics
My duty is exactly to accomplish all the documentation in the right time. This works well because first of all, even if I have a bad day, I am always in a good mood.
Xavier Romero
Xavier RomeroDocumentation and Logistics
You can imagine logistic issues drive me crazy. My day is never over until each container is safely on the boat.
Fabiola Tenicela
Fabiola TenicelaFinancial Manager
While our primary purpose is to provide bananas, as most companies we also administrate our financial income. So here I am to control our numbers and satisfy our staff expectations.

The farms

Our growers are located in Southwest Ecuador,  a traditional Banana-growing region.

Our Growers Agree

“I work with Banabio since the beginning of the company and count on them for both technical and documentary support. I am happy with our long-term commitment.”

Rodrigo Farinango • Grower

“I have a great partnership with Banabio, I count on them to get the maximum from my fruit.”



We work under both North American and European certifications requirements. We help growers to keep their own certificates up to date. All Labels have a purpose. We work to get certifications that accredit our way of production.

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