10th Anniversary of Banabio

We have already celebrated the beginning of a new year, one that hopefully will allow us to fulfil our new year’s resolutions. But at Banabio, this marked not only the onset of the year, but also the birth of a new decade: we highlight 2018 with bold red characters because we have reached our first decade of activity in the exciting field of bananas.

Ten years ago, the first and tiny piece of land was ready to export bananas worldwide. Over this period, we have learned that the business is always evolving, we can never stop learning.

Banabio was founded to grow and export bananas. But we also wanted to overcome the traditional barriers between the field and the markets. Our operating philosophy in this project, empowering the local growers, has played a key role.

Becoming growers ourselves: key factor to progress as exporters

This was achieved by becoming growers ourselves, which was a decisive factor for our progress as exporters. Having first-hand knowledge of how a crop evolves, of the every-day problems that the grower faces, of the importance of doing away with middlemen as much as possible, … all those things gave us a major advantage in becoming a stable company.10th anniversary of Banabio

Obviously, throughout these ten years there have been ups and downs, but thanks to our main asset, a talented staff that always pushes to go further, Banabio has reached many of its targets. And expanding our activity worldwide is arguably the most significant achievement. At the beginning Banabio only exported to the USA, while today our bananas travel the world round.

We celebrate our 10 years as a team

As all thriving companies know, “a business cannot succeed without a happy staff”. Last December the whole Banabio family celebrated together the anniversary. A day in the open air was held to mark our first 10 years working with bananas. This was a great opportunity to give all our employees another reason to feel the pride of having participated in shaping our history.10 years anniversary celebration

After all, companies are made of people, people who make all the difference between companies in the same sector. And our 10th anniversary was an excellent opportunity for some of our workers to share their experience in Banabio, we quote:Quotes of staff at Banabio

At Banabio we have completed our first 10 years and feel enthusiastic about the forthcoming decades.